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With over 60+ years of experience, we supply the top products in the radio, pager and paging systems industry including high quality paging systems, two-way radios, and a wide range of wireless accessories.

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If you have any requirements for BK Technologies (RELM), Motorola, ICOM, Unication, Kenwood, Apollo, Spok or Watchdog products, either current or cancelled, please give us an opportunity to serve you. We have built our business around your needs. DON’T PAY MORE FOR…

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Leavitt Communications’ corporate headquarters is located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. State-of-the-art order entry and distribution technologies allow us to provide the high quality service you deserve. We also offer programming, labeling, refurbishing, frequency changes, housing changes and other repair services by experienced technicians.

Our distribution offers a complete line of new one-way numeric, alpha and voice pagers, programming software, paging accessories, parts and on-site paging systems.

We supply pager replacement parts, housings, pager programming kits, alpha entry devices and on-site systems. We sell limited quantities of COMPLETELY REFURBISHED AND GUARANTEED pagers.

We also sell and support Zetron Paging Terminals, Motorola, ICOM and Kenwood two-way radios and quality aftermarket accessories.

IMPORTANT 2-Way Radio News

Please read the information below about much happening in the two way radio world. Leavitt Communications is a dealer for ICOM, BK Technologies (RELM), Kenwood, E F Johnson, Vertex and certain Motorola radios and ALL Motorola accessories and batteries, Motorola Minitor pagers, Unication G1 thru G5 voice pagers and all alpha-numeric and numeric pagers and SPOK brand pagers

Here is the news:

MOTOROLA – Minitor VI pagers are on back-order. Motorola has a supply chain problem and is out of Minitor desk chargers and batteries so cannot deliver new pagers – likely until the 1st week in March. Motorola has also CANCELLED the OEM Minitor V battery RLN5707. Leavitt is offering the Power Products replacement which is fully equal to the OEM battery. Also, Motorola no longer makes low band voice pagers. We have some fully refurbished and warranted Minitor V voice pagers. We also repair all Motorola pagers. See also the Unication G1 voice pager which IS still available new in low band (now with the 5 year extended warranty mentioned below).

BK TECHNOLOGIES – B-K is backordered on the KNG2-P150CMD radios. These replace the KNG-P150 radios which have been cancelled and are no longer available. Delivery is running 30-45 days. Leavitt will be stocking KNG2 portables and accessories in reasonable quantities to give better service. The new BKR5000 single band VHF portable is on the cusp of delivery. It offers a ruggedized T shaped housing and additional feature capability. The long awaited BKR9000 all band (or single or dual band is so ordered) is due early 4th quarter 2021 (if not sooner).

Unication has a promotion thru the end of March 2021 which give a free extended warranty (extends the standard 2 year warranty to a full five years) on all G series pagers. We also stock all Unication Secure alpha pagers and most NP88 numeric pagers.
We can also repair all Unication pagers as well as older Motorola alpha and numeric pagers.

Kenwood and EF Johnson are also running into radio availability – plan on a 4-6 week wait for many NX model portable radios. Call us for any needs please.

Power Products is a USA manufacture of radio batteries for most manufacturers. Leavitt has recently been awarded a bid for Power Products batteries (to replace Motorola APX & STX batteries) with a large California county. They fully tested and vetted the Power Products batteries prior to award. In addition, Power Products has also designed and delivered their new FOCS Field Operations Charging Solution. See the attached brochure. This is an easily transportable Pelican case with charging capabilities for 12 or 24 radios. It handles all battery chemistries. Their initial shipment was to the Air National Guard protecting the Biden Inauguration. The 20 units supplied worked flawlessly. The FOCS chargers work with replaceable radio-specific pods so you can mix and match radios and, when you upgrade your radios, just change to the correct pod.

BKR5000 portable radios

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paging systems

Motorola Minitor VI

Available in Black, Fire Red and Lime Green!


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