Apollo Alert 2 Paging System

Our personal care devices are programmed for safe, independent living. The Apollo Alert 2 pendent model contains a wearable pendent, ideal for the elderly, disabled, or those at risk of debilitating injury. It’s programmed at a set frequency and can reach a distance of 500 meters, which covers most housing square footage. It sits comfortably around the neck with a small, red button on the front. Once pushed, pager is alerted, the caregiver can respond immediately. The personal care paging system is an efficient tool for people to maintain independence and privacy while anticipating medical care.

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  • IP67 Water Proof Pendant
  • One Button Pendant Call
  • Anti-Scratching Safety Protection
  • Extensive Range
  • CR2450 3v / 600mA Battery
  • 520 days @ 20 Messages a Day
  • 12uA Standby Mode. Transmit 55mA

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