Quickword Paging System: One line, 16 character LCD display for easy readability.

Quickword paging system

Select a person to page from a stored list of up to 10 people in the personal directory. System directory entries: Per pager. Each paging directory entry supports its own paging system. 2 group page system can simultaneously send the same message to up to 5 members in each group. Maximum message length of 80 characters provides the capacity to send detailed information. QuickNotes/canned messages: 4 messages can be stored for quick message entry. QuickSend transmits a programmable message to a specified pager at the touch of one button. Batch paging sends multiple pages in one phone call – limits phone line usage.

Auto retry automatically resends your message up to 3 times when the line is busy — Great for people with hectic schedules! Message status list confirms sent messages. Call status detects busy signal and monitors message delivery progress. Character-to-number translator easily enters phone numbers that use text! (Example – 1-800-555-PAGE) Just type in the actual letters, and automatic translation is done.

Send messages to someone not programmed in memory via manual page. Help screens automatically display helpful instructions on what to do next. Auto shut-off conserves battery power by turning the unit off when left untouched for a short period of time.
Low battery indicator notifies you that your battery is getting low and needs replacement — helps to ensure that messages can be sent. 9V battery power is easy to change, readily available power supply that allows you to use your message sender anywhere.

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