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USAlert Voice Pager

USAlert WatchDog

The USAlert WatchDog is a 2-Tone Voice Pager operational in the VHF or UHF frequency bands. Ruggedly designed for use by first-responders and others in the public safety markets, the WatchDog is available in 1, 2, or 5 channel models. This pager features a 16 character true alphanumeric LCD for displaying the date and time an alert was received, programmed text identifying the alerting address, the number of the alert, and many operational changes configured from the front panel buttons. It is IP66 certified, meaning it protects against any dust intrusion and powerful jets of water from any direction. The WatchDog comes with a 2 year warranty and an option for 5 years. It is built in the USA.

Very simple, very loud and very rugged. Available as the M1 single channel,M2 dual channel or the M5 five channel pager. Features include: Source Alert, text messaging, message time stamping, tone alert, vibrate alert or simultaneous tone and vibrate. This pager also has a true alphanumeric display making operational changes simple and fast. The M5 can operate on a single channel or any two of five menu selectable channels. WatchDog MX series: The same rugged design as the M series but with voice memory which allows easy replay and complete message control. Forward and reverse message select and replay.

  • Optional 2 or 5 Channels
  • Tone Alert, Vibrate Alert or Tone-Vibe alert
  • On / Off Volume Control
  • Quick Monitor Control
  • Audio Lock On
  • Multi Function Scan
  • Channel Scan
  • Selective Call Scan
  • Priority Scan
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Wideband & Narrowband Models
  • Programmable Text Alert Messaging
  • Alert Time Stamping
  • Forward Message Playback Select
  • Reverse Message Playback Select
  • Delete Message
  • Delete all Messages
  • Message Protect
  • 3 Bar Battery Level Indication
  • Menu selectable options


The USAlert WatchDog Voice Pager is fully synthesized and can be programmed for 15 addresses per channel. Audio output is clear and very loud. It has separate receiver boards for wide and narrowband operation making it not only narrowband capable, but narrowband compliant. There are three scan modes available in the multi-channel models that will scan up to 5 channels. Priority Scan, Selective Call Scan, and Channel Scan offer multiple options and maximum flexibility when determining a scanning configuration. Models with Voice Memory Playback can record and store up to 4 minutes of messages. Stored messages are retained in memory even if the pager is turned off or the batteries removed.

All WatchDog Pagers include a battery charger and a set of 3 “AAA” rechargeable batteries. Standard alkaline batteries can be used in an emergency. If message reception range needs to be extended, a charger with antenna is one of the many accessories available for the USAlert WatchDog Pager. Demo units are available upon request.





The USAlert WatchDog Pager Programmer consists of a programming fixture, a serial cable, a USB cable, a USB-to-Serial Adapter, driver software for the USB-to-Serial Adapter, and WatchDog programming software. There are currently two versions of the programming software, one for older WatchDog Pager firmware versions and one for newer versions of the WatchDog Pager firmware. A WatchDog Pager with version 5.16 firmware and later uses the latest WatchDog Pager Programmer software. The USAlert WatchDog LT Pager also uses the same programming hardware and the latest Programmer software.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Battery Charger can charge two sets of three NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries at the same time. One set can be installed and charged in a WatchDog Pager and another set can be charged in the spare battery compartment at the rear of the Battery Charger. The WatchDog Battery Charger is both a smart charger that detects battery levels and adjusts the charging rate accordingly, as well as a rapid charger that gets a fully discharged set of batteries back to an operational level in a minimum amount of time. The typical battery recharge time is about 2 hours for a moderately discharged set of three. For completely discharged batteries, recharge time should be about 3-4 hours. If a set of batteries is being charged while installed in a WatchDog Pager and the pager is turned on, the pager will still draw a small amount of current and the charging time will be slightly increased. The WatchDog Battery Charger is compatible with both USAlert WatchDog and WatchDog LT pagers.


The USAlert WatchDog Charger with Antenna is designed to be used in situations where the WatchDog Pager is charging but may need additional signal strength to alert the pager. The WatchDog Charger with Antenna is the same device as a standard WatchDog Charger, but has a BNC connector built into the back of the housing for attaching a cable to an external antenna. The paging signal is then routed from the antenna to the charging WatchDog Pager. The Charger with Antenna is compatible with both USAlert WatchDog and WatchDog LT Pagers.


The USAlert Rechargeable Batteries for the WatchDog Pager are included with each WatchDog Pager as the primary power source, but as with any battery type, they eventually do wear out and have reduced performance over time. Battery life may be affected after 12 – 18 months of use, so it is recommended that the batteries be replaced at regular intervals to maintain optimum pager performance. The WatchDog Pager uses three “AAA” sized NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries, each rated at 1100 mA/hr. The NiMH rechargeable battery type is the preferred power source for small electronic devices that are used frequently and require high power. Replacement batteries are typically shipped in packs of three. Some alternate rechargeable batteries or batteries with a lower capacity rating have been found to create pager performance issues, so replacing your batteries with 1100 mA/hr capacity batteries is recommended.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Leather Carrying Case is a stylish yet rugged option for wearing a WatchDog pager. A flexible bungee-type cord with two metal fasteners can be looped over a belt and attached to the back of the case. The Leather Carrying Case has an open top design that allows easy user access to the WatchDog’s control knobs and monitor button while holding the pager securely in place. If incoming message information needs to be read or previous messages recalled, the WatchDog pager can also be easily removed from the Leather Carrying Case for those message handling situations. An array of holes on the front side of the case correspond to the speaker position of the pager and allows loud and clear audio to be heard without having to remove the pager from the case.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Nylon Carrying Case is a durable and attractive option for wearing the WatchDog or WatchDog LT Voice Pagers. The Nylon Carrying Case has a flexible top flap that protects and covers the pager. This flap attaches to the front of the carrying case with a Velcro strip and holds the pager securely in place. Once a message is received, the Velcro connection can be easily detached and the pager removed from the case. Messages can also be heard without removing the pager from the case as it has an array of front side holes near the pager’s speaker to allow loud and clear audio to pass. A nylon rear flap is designed to be looped over a belt and snapped into place with its pair of metal fasteners.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Belt Clip is a detachable part of the WatchDog Pager housing. Made of the same rugged polycarbonate material as the WatchDog Pager, the Belt Clip is designed for quick and easy removal of the pager from a belt when receiving or playing back messages. Individual replacement Belt Clips can be ordered if the original is ever damaged or lost. Since the Belt Clip is detachable, there is no need to send the entire pager back for repair.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Back Cover is a replaceable part of the WatchDog Pager housing. Made of the same durable black polycarbonate material as the housing, the Back Cover can be shipped individually if damage has occurred to the original unit. Returning the entire pager for repair is not necessary.


The USAlert WatchDog Pager Battery Cover is a standard part of the WatchDog housing and holds the batteries in place while also providing protection for the battery compartment. Individual covers can be ordered separately if damage occurs to the original part. The black polycarbonate cover is attached to the back of the WatchDog housing with a metal screw, but over-fastening the screw or excessive wear and tear to that part of the housing may at times damage the plastic. Since the Battery Cover can be easily removed and replaced, shipping the entire pager back for repair is not necessary. Both USAlert WatchDog and WatchDog LT pagers use the same interchangeable Battery Cover.

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