Alphamate 250: Quality and dependability you require.

Alphamate 250: Quality and dependability you require

You asked Motorola to keep the AlphaMate 250 in production. Leavitt listened–we bought the line! Designed for medium to high volume business and industrial alphanumeric paging applications, the AlphaMate 250 has the quality and dependability you require. AlphaMate 250 is faster than ever before.


AlphaMate 250 communicates with paging terminals better than ever because more calls are completed on the first try. It batches calls for greater throughput and efficiency. Batch size is specified in system set-up and can vary from one to 20 pages per batch. The default is five. AlphaMate 250 is also very smart. For faster throughput, batches are formed only if there are multiple calls waiting in queue to be sent; otherwise, pages are sent immediately. The Call Progress messages that inform the operator the status of each page being sent can be turned on or off. The default is off. Although pages can be sent while progress messages are being displayed, operators tend to wait for completion of the status messages before proceeding with the next page.

With the Call Progress turned off, the initial screen appears after the conclusion of each message. The amount of time passing between entering pages is reduced dramatically. If Call Progress is turned off, the Call Progress button can be pressed for instant status on the page being processed at the time. Status messages are simplified for easier understanding. Simple messages such as 3Line Busy2 or 3Poor Connection2 are used to define the progress of calls. It1s easier for a customer to understand.


  • 80-Character, 2-line Display: High-contrast Supertwist display for superior viewing at any angle.
  • 250 User Pager Directory: Can accommodate up to 250 users. Directory scroll and search functions are provided.
  • Canned Messages: Up to 4 messages can be stored for quick message entry.
  • Group Call: Up to 4 groups can be programmed for one-step messaging.
  • Dual Password Protection: Provides both master and user passwords.
  • Multiple System Setups: Up to 16 systems can be set up (including telephone number, alternate number, modem parameters, password, maximum message length, etc.).
  • Remote Programming: Can download directories and system configurations from one AlphaMate 250 to another over a phone line.
  • 300 Baud Modem: For easy set-up and dependability.
  • Message Buffer: Can simultaneously transmit messages while new messages are being entered (up to 16 messages can be queued).
  • Serial Printer Interface: Enables you to log all call information, including the person paged and message sent.
  • Call Progress Monitor: Provides visual and audible call progress monitoring (busy, ringback, dial tone detection, etc.).

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