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Unication NP88

The Unication NP88 offers accessibility to stay on top of your busy lifestyle. Perfect for basic wireless communication and user-friendly operation. You can set the pager to generate an audible or a vibration alert no matter under noisy or quiet environments when you are expecting an important page. It is compact, lightweight, inexpensive, and the best choice when you need relivable paging with broad coverage.

  • Backlight: In low-light conditions, the backlight makes the screen easy to read.
  • Duplicate Messages: If the same message is received more than once,
    is displayed at the beginning of the latest message. This message contains the latest
    timestamp and prevents a repeated message from taking an extra memory slot.
  • Low Battery Indicator: When battery power reaches low levels, is
    displayed, prompting you to change the battery. All pager alerts change to two
    seconds in length.
  • Message Erase: Messages can be erased all at once or selectively at your choice to
    free space in memory.
  • Memory Retention: All messages remain in memory, even when the pager is off and
    while the battery is being replaced.
  • Memory Capacity: The NP88 POCSAG pager can store up to sixteen
    20-character messages, for a total of 320 characters.
  • Message Protect: You can protect up to eight messages stored in the pager
  • Overflow: is displayed when all message slots are filled and a new
    message is received. After you read all of your unread messages, the standby screen
    is displayed.
  • Automatic Alert Reset: The pager alerts automatically stop, even if no buttons are
  • Continue Alert: When PPS is selected Continue Alert, pager will alert until any
    buttons are pressed after receiving messages.



  • Function Bits Alert: Set Audio & Alert and select “ALERT FUNC”. When pager
    receives a message with different Function Bits, it will alert depends on what tone
    pattern is selected.
  • Personal Alarm: This alarm can be set to alert you. The alarm works even when the
    pager is off.
  • Reminder Alert: The pager chirps or vibrates every two minutes until you read all
    unread messages.
  • Standby Screen: The standby screen displays the time of day/date and the
  • Time of Day and Day/Month: The time of day and the date display whether the
    pager is on or off.
  • Timestamp: The time of day a message is received is displayed on the last screen of
    each message.
  • User Selectable Audible Alerts: A selection of six alert tones gives you a choice of
    message alerts heard when you are paged in the audible alert mode

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