Apollo VP100 Voice Pager


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Apollo VP100

The smallest Apollo voice pager, the Apollo VP100 is ideal for applications that call for a classic, ultra-compact, 1-channel design.


  • A heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic body measuring only 2″ wide by 2-3/4″ tall (maximum depth is 7/8″ at the speaker grill)
  • Power via a standard AA NiMH rechargeable battery, field-swappable for a standard AA alkaline battery when AC power or a charger is unavailable
  • 2 minutes stored voice, standard on all models
  • 100% of pager components available as spare parts
  • Two tone decoding format
  • Six call per channel/4 individual and 2 group call
  • 120 seconds memory (1-4 Stored voice, each for 30 seconds) optional function feauture
  • Loud and clear alert level: 90dBa at 12 inches distance
  • Large volume control knobs
  • Slide switch with on/off, vibrate, and alert selection
  • Tone and vibrate alert
  • Monitor with carrier squelch
  • Priority alert programmable
  • Monitor channel function
  • Audio lock on
  • Fixed alert (not voice) at maximum alter level
  • Battery low indicator with special beep tone
  • External earphone jack
  • Rugged housing with strong belt clip
  • Reminder tone with LED flash
  • 2 status LED: Red LED light flash when alert, LED on means with unread voice, Green LED blink means monitor On, Green LED on means audio lock


The VP100 is wideband or narrowband and available in a limited number of frequencies. It is ideal for use with paging-only channels exempt from FCC narrowbanding requirements or for use outside USA. This device includes a memory feature that stores the voice messages in the pager for repeat playback. It can be programmed to operate with full compatibility with all public and private paging systems.  VP100 uses a double AA battery.




Apollo VP100 Standard Charger

Standard Charger

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