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BK Technologies, formerly RELM radios, have long been and still are the go-to radios for wild land fire fighters. They are on the National Interagency Fire Center list of APPROVED RADIOS. The two currently available handheld portables are the VHF BKR5000 and the NEW Tri-Band Capable BKR9000.. B-K also offers VHF, UHF and 700/800 mobile radios, both dash and remote mount. B-K provides a wide selection of both portable and mobile accessories. Leavitt Communications supplies both the current models and accessories and supports the cancelled but still used KNG, KNG2,GPH and DMH radios with accessories, repair parts and service assistance. For pricing and availability, call 847-955-0511 or email pcleavitt@leavittcom.com. WE CAN NOT PUBLISH ANY PRICES FOR THE BKR9000 and ONLY PUBLISH LIST PRICES FOR OTHER BK ITEMS SO PLEASE CALL FOR YOUR COST.”

2024 Retail Price List for BK Technologies RELM

Thank you for your B-K/Relm business. Here is the current (as of 1/1/2024) B-K RETAIL price list. PLEASE NOTE B-K forbids and penalizes any dealer who advertises B-K items below a minimum price. Leavitt complies with that restriction by we SELL at much lower prices – typically around a 20% discount. WHY PAY MORE for quality service?

It is always a good idea to check with us on our B-K pricing when you are ready to order. We try to stock as much as possible for immediate delivery.

PLEASE CALL US for price and availability for ALL RELM radios and accessories!

Supplying P25 radios for heroes, PERFECT for Fire, Police, EMS, and ALL government agencies.

For portable and mobile radios, radio accesories, command center communications & field communications, Leavitt Communications is proud to offer BK Technologies products with exceptional service and DISCOUNTED Pricing. We are here for you. Contact us at 847-955-0511 or email us with questions or orders at pcleavitt@leavittcom.com.


Call For Special Pricing 847-955-0511

Call us at 847-955-0511 for all BK Products, and Services including orders, warranties, repairs and pricing.

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