SAR - Public Safety Communications

Search and Rescue Team Communications

Search and Rescue Organization with dogs

Leavitt Communications offer Search and Rescue Organizations communication devices from entry level ICOM-F3001 and the Vertex VX261 all the way through full digital P25 capable, ICOM and Vertex Radios. We also offer quality after market accessories, speaker mics, carry cases, replacement batteries, and mobile and desk chargers.

SAR Equipment

SAR Equipment – Accessory

Introducing the CLAKIT CLIP & QUICK CLIP

This will help make your search and rescue trek hands free.

Climber and Rescue Teams

Secures pouches, radios, pagers, flashlights, GPS devices

Volunteer Rescue Teams

Easy Pager Accessibility

Search and Rescue Teams

Hands Free Storage

Search and Rescue Dog Teams

Easily Clips Accessories

Mountain Rescue Teams

Simply Connects and is Secure


The Clakit Clip was designed from the bottom up  for shoulder straps. It is made of industrial strength nylon – the same material that is used in the automotive and medical industries due to its strength and flexibility. It wraps around the shoulder strap and locks into place, fitting padded shoulder straps up to 3″ wide. The Clakit Clip is the universal shoulder strap connector for add-on accessories including molle, belt clip, belt loop, webbing and many other types of accessories.


​The StrapPack Pocket Pouch is 6″H x 3.5″W x 1″D and designed to fit smartphones, wallets, snacks, pacifier, dog cookies – basically things you need often.  It also has a second thin pocket for money, permits and other small flat items. It is made of light weight cordura with a hook/loop flap. It is specifically made to fit the Clakit Clip so that you also have access to the ladder lock giving you options to connect a second accessory to the same Clakit Clip with 1″ webbing.

SAR Equipment
Shoulder Strap Clip
paging accessory


backpack strap clip


SAR Helicopter rescue


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