Spok 7950 V2

The Spok 7950 V2 is an easy to use pager.

  • Two or four line alphanumeric display (with bold font feature)
  • Up to 80 days of battery life
  • Specially designed durable plastic enclosure
  • Programmable by hand, USB software, or over the air (OTA)
  • Up to eight cap codes
  • Priority override — override silent/vibrate mode for code calls or critical alarms

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  • Available in Both VHF & UHF
  • 1,000 pager capacity

  • Up to one-mile range

  • Numeric and alphanumeric

  • Voice-prompted telephone interface

  • Serial interface (RS232)

  • Four alarm inputs

  • Windows interface


  • Robust: The plastic enclosure for Spok pagers (formerly Commtech Wireless pagers) has been rigorously tested.
  • Menu Options Set for Each User: Like the user profiles in software, the Spok pagers can be configured to display only the options you want each user to access.
  • Extensive Over-the-Air Programming: You can configure many features over the air, including Power Off, Time, Delete Messages, Alert Mode, Capcodes, and Disable Pager. Spok pagers are easy to program by hand, over the air, and even via a USB port.
  • Priority Override: This feature ensures that pagers set to inaudible become audible for high-priority messages. This is especially important for hospital pagers.

In order to provide you with additional SPOK 7950 V2 pagers, we must know the FREQUENCY, BAUD RATE and any CAP CODE(S) programmed into your existing pagers. We can extract this information if you send us a working pager OR you can extract the needed information by following the HAND PROGRAMMING instructions HERE. Unless a unique password has been set in your existing pager, you should have no problems if you follow the instructions carefully. Please call us at 847-955-0511 if you need help.

SPOK 7950 V2 Frequencies and Accessories

SPOK Programming Dock

Spok Programming dock

SPOK Protective Holster

SPOK protective color holster

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