Unication G1

The Unication G1 voice pager is the only submersible voice pager designed for public safety. It is reliable, rugged and built to last. It is available in VHF, UHF & Low Band.

  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Up to 64 Channels
  • Decodes 2 Tone
  • Decodes 5/6 Tone
  • Decodes CTCSS (PL) & CDCSS (DPL)
  • Scan Modes: Free, Silent, Normal, Priority
  • IP 67 Rated – Dustproof & Waterproof
  • Submersible up to 3 feet/30 minutes
  • On/Off Duty
  • Programmable Music & Voice Alerts
  • 7 Programmable Backlight Colors
  • Best in Class Reception & Clarity
  • Price includes a Standard desk charger, batteries and 2 year warranty



The G1 is rich with standard features including 16 minutes of stored voice and 11 minutes of voice memo. This enables you to record your own personal messages for on-the-scene reminders, notes, etc.! The included Bluetooth capability allows you to pair your G1 with other devices. There are seven different backlight color options that allow you to assign colors to different channels.

This device is a software-defined pager that allows for updates with the latest features. Available in Red, Yellow, Black and Pink. Decodes 2 tone, Decodes 5/6 tone, Decodes CTCSS (PL) & CDCSS (DPL).

Unication G1 Model IP67

*Use B for BLACK; R for RED; Y for YELLOW & P for PINK


Unication G1 Standard Nylon - Metal Clip & Velcro Loop

Standard Nylon-Metal Clip/Velcro Loop

Unication G1 Amplified Charger- Front

Amplified Charger

Unication G1 Standard Nylon Metal Clip

G1 Standard Nylon Metal Clip

Unication G1 Bluetooth

G1 Bluetooth

Unication G1 Standard Charger

G1Standard Charger – OG1CXXX1

Unication G1 Tenergy Battery

G1 Tenergy Battery

Unication G1 Programmer

G1 Programmer – OG1PXXX1

Unication G1 Battery Door Cover

G1 Battery Door Cover

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