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Unication Legend Secure Alphanumeric Pager

Unication Legend Secure

The Unication Legend Secure is a fully synthesized POCSAG protocol, 4-Line alphanumeric pager available in VHF, UHF, or 900 MHz frequency ranges. It replaces the now cancelled Legend+ and Elegant models and automatically adapts to best receive both wide and narrowband pages. It comes with a 1 year warranty.


  • POCSAG Coding Format
  • 4-Line Display or Zoom to 2-Line
  • 16 Cap Codes
  • Narrowband Channel Spacing
  • On/Off Duty Programmable
  • 6 Alterting Modes
  • 16 Programmable Alert Tone Sequences
  • Graphic Battery Level Indication
  • EL Backlight and Brightness Sensor for Auto Backlight
  • Loud 80 dB Alert Tone SPL
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Extended Warranty of 1 or 2 more years (2 or 3 years total)
  • AES Encryption Capable
  • Time and Date Display (Format Programmable)
  • Altert Tone Programmed Via PPS or Front Panel
  • 7 Alert Modes Selectable (Standard Alert, Escalating Alert, Vibrating, Vibrating & Alert, Intermittent Vibrate, Vibrating then Alert, Chirp, and Silent
  • Reminder Alert Tone Seceptable
  • Louder Alert SPL >80 dB at 12 inch
  • 16 Audio Alerts and 2 Vibrating Alerts
  • (Normal and Intermittent)
  • Expanded Alerting Options for Maildrop
  • 8 RIC (32 sub addresses)
  • On/Off Duty Receiving Mode
  • Total 32 KB Message Memory Capacity
  • Duplicate Message Detection
  • Important Messages Lock
  • Notebook Entries
  • Message Preview, Time and Date Stamping, Alarm
  • Auto On/Off
  • 20 Alphanumeric Characters Per Line
  • 2025 Characters per Personal message
  • 5052 Characters per Maildrop Message

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