Apollo VP101 Pro Pager

Apollo VP101 Pro

The rugged and compact Apollo VP101 Pro 1-channel voice pager is the narrowband / wide band programmable version of the original VP101.


  • 100% of pager components available as spare parts
  • Loud clear alert level
  • Large volume control knobs
  • Slide switch with on/off, vibrate, alert selection
  • Tone & vibrate Alert
  • Monitor with carrier squelch
  • Priority alert programmable
  • Monitor channel function
  • Audio lock on
  • One AA Ni-MH rechargeable battery or one AA alkaline battery
  • Desk type charger as standard
  • Fixed alert (not voice) at Maximum alert level
  • Battery low indicate, special beep tone
  • External Earphone Jack
  • 2 Status LED:Red LED Light flash when alert, LED on means with unread voice. Green LED blink means monitor On, Green LED on means audio lock



Along with 2 minutes stored voice (standard on all VP101 models), the VP101Pro adds a programmable Squelch Control Record Method feature to help minimize the annoyance of channel noise during broadcasting pauses. It is powered via a standard AA NiMH rechargeable battery, field-swappable for a standard AA alkaline battery when AC power or a charger is unavailable. This device is made of heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic housing rated IP52 for dust and water protection and is switchable between narrowband and wideband operation with a simple programming setting




Apollo VP101 Quick Charger

Quick Charger

Apollo VP101 Standard Pager Charger

Standard Charger

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