Apollo VP107 Pager

Apollo VP107 Voice Pager

Apollo VP107 USB Charging Voice Pager

  • Dedicated function and volume knobs for easy switching between channels, modes, and volume levels
  • Rubberized, secure-grip sides for improved handleability in both dry and wet conditions
  • Micro USB adds convenience to charge the VP107 practically anywhere whether its your home, car, office or simply by connecting it to your PC or laptop.
  • Simply connect the VP107 to your PC by micro usb port to program the unit, eliminates needing a programmer.
  • 8 minutes stored voice standard , with programmable Squelch Control Record Method to help minimize the annoyance of channel noise during broadcasting pauses while in Selective Call mode
  • Heavy gauge polycarbonate plastic housing rated IP54 for dust and water protection;
  • Switchable between narrowband and wideband operation with a simple programming setting
  • 100% of pager components available as spare parts. When ordering, choose any model with a frequency range that includes your channel frequencies



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