Quickpager 200 is State-of-the-art technology for instant delivery of information and message management.

QuickPager 200

The QUIKPAGER 200 is a professional, reliable alphanumeric paging entry device. This reliable and easy-to-use entry device was especially designed to be used at the office, in hospitals, and in dispatch centers. It’s also used to send private text messages to alphanumeric pagers and personal communication devices. Fast and very user-friendly!

You can expect 100% paging reliability and hassle free operation. Reduce the number of service calls and time spent servicing accounts because it is easy to program or to change programming on the fly. Your clients can transfer their programming over the phone line to a QUIKPAGER in your office. Extremely reliable, a great asset in the paging business.

Professional standard-size 60 keys keyboard for fast typing. Continuous typing of messages, non-stop. You do not have to wait for a message to be sent to type more. Use internal memory to store up to 300 messages to quickly re-send or print messages from internal memory.

Dynamic group transmission reduces paging traffic. Cloning: Use a cable to transfer programming from one QUIKPAGER to another in 2 minutes. Make back-ups of programming to a PC. Transfer programming over the phone line, across the city or across the country, from one QUIKPAGER to another in 2 to 3 minutes. Save thousands of dollars and reduce aggravation in serving your clients. Stop using obsolete 300 baud modems. The QUIKPAGER offers 1200 baud for fast transmission and reliability.

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  • Two year warranty for parts and labor
  • Directory for 200 names
  • Directory for 32 groups
  • Internal memory for 300 messages for daily printouts of logs of messages, alphabetically organized
  • Internal surge protector
  • Internal battery for programming back-up
  • RS-232 port for direct connection to paging terminals
  • Selectable message length up to (255) characters
  • Standard TAP protocol

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